Rope on boat


Boondoggle: An unnecessary venture of questionable worth.

And here are some of mine…



Not entirely a boondoggle, because the world will still needs pots after the apocalypse, but I’ve put it here anyway. I’ve been making pots with Jess Jos pottery at Stepney City Farm in east London for five years or so. Sometimes I sell them from my boat (if you just can’t wait that long, buy one of Jess’s).


Ways of loving

How do we love? Count the ways. Something wonderful for 10 minutes every Monday morning, every week for a year, beginning with a twirl around the cosmos and ending with Martin Luther King’s mountaintop speech. From 2012 (many of the links are broken now, unfortunately).

Bike ride

Old blogs

On a bike with a tent from Land’s End to John o’Groats and down the Rhine, and a trip to Trondheim by train.