Hope’s work: Facing the future in an age of crises (2021)

Hope’s Work is for anyone struggling to keep faith with hope in this disturbed age. Drawing on testimony, story, and myth, this short book goes in search of what is worth working for and living towards, whatever the future may bring.’

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Spectacle Reality Resistance book

Spectacle Reality Resistance: Confronting a culture of militarism (2014)

‘At a comfortable distance from warfare, our culture easily passes over its horrific reality in favour of an appealing, even romantic, spectacle of war. Yet, over the last decade, most Britons have opposed Western military ventures abroad. The book takes a fresh look at a culture of militarism in Britain, public resistance to it, and the government’s increasingly prodigious efforts to regain control of the story we tell ourselves about war.’

Holding Faith book

Holding Faith: Creating peace in a violent world (2010)

‘By refusing to allow past violations to determine our present and future choices, cycles of violence can be broken. Each choice aimed at stepping out of the cycle, whether successful or not, is a peace act.’