Holding Faith book

Holding Faith: Creating peace in a violent world (2010)

‘By refusing to allow past violations to determine our present and future choices, cycles of violence can be broken. Each choice aimed at stepping out of the cycle, whether successful or not, is a peace act.’

Spectacle Reality Resistance book

Spectacle Reality Resistance: Confronting a culture of militarism (2014)

‘At a comfortable distance from warfare, our culture easily passes over its horrific reality in nfavour of an appealing, even romantic, spectacle of war. Yet, over the last decade, most Britons have opposed Western military ventures abroad. The book takes a fresh look at a culture of militarism in Britain, public resistance to it, and the government’s increasingly prodigious efforts to regain control of the story we tell ourselves about war.’

Hope's work book, reading pile

Hope’s work (forthcoming, I hope!)

Prof Christopher Baker, Director, William Temple Foundation: ‘This book is an original and deeply compassionate example of poetic and spiritual theology that combines poetry, deep erudition and beautifully-rendered story-telling…’

Peggy Seeger, folk musician and activist: ‘This thoughtful book, readable and not too lengthy, is a kind of users’ manual for the would-be (and already) hopeful among us. It encourages small acts of kindness, patience, and creativity to confront the world’s violence and bring the changes we long for.’

Some informal feedback from friends and colleagues on the draft:

‘This is a powerful, important book. I read it to cover to cover without stopping and was engrossed all the way through.’

‘Extremely well-researched and well-founded.’

‘Very thought provoking and beautifully written. I think this is a really important piece of work.’