Meeting the Green Man

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The Green Man, by Gail E Haley, is the first book that changed my life. I found it in my brother’s room. I was nine. The cover drew me in: a man clad in leaves striding through the wild with acorns around his neck, a rabbit at his feet, and a squirrel on his shoulder clutching his beard. That was enough. I decided to borrow it forever.

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Quick scribble: Vaccines

A sticker slapped onto a sign in the park: ‘Anti-vaxxer: See also, critical thinker’ But someone’s scrubbed that out, now it says, ‘…see also, idiot’.

Several friends have told me, mostly in whispers, that they’re not taking the vaccine – in whispers because they’re the social pariahs of the moment.

When I’ve read some of the nasty stuff written about vaccine sceptics, I’ve made an apparently  unlikely leap to conscientious objectors to warfare. Not because COs are just like vaccine sceptics – they’re not – but because of the way they tend to be treated.

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